Kansas City is home to vibrant and growing Latinx and Caribbean communities. From art, food, community organizations, and sister cities – the connection can be felt throughout the city.

The Western Hemisphere is a continuing priority for the United States to ensure safety and economic prosperity for U.S. citizens at home and abroad. 

The U.S. foreign policy priorities in this region includes fighting transnational criminal organizations, fostering inclusive economic growth, strengthening democratic institutions against authoritarian regimes, and strengthening pillars of strength in the Caribbean.

Kansas City Ties

Kansas City’s history with the Latinx community began as early as with the Santa Fe Trail, where merchants used Independence, Missouri as a place for business. Later becoming railroad workers led to the establishment of Mexican families calling Kansas City home through generations.

As stronger Latinx communities began forming, celebration and neighborhood fiestas became a popular source of heritage to tie the community together. Community organizations continued to showcase the culture, such as the Guadalupe Centers, El Centro, Latino Arts Foundation, and the Latinx Education Collaborative.

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