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In the spring of 2016, Global Ties KC hosted a program titled “Public Health: Infectious Diseases” featuring delegates from across Africa. The participants included doctors and directors in Ministries of Health from twelve countries across the continent. One of the participants, a Lieutenant Colonel is the head of the Hospital in the Nigerian Defense Academy. In Dr. Akunne’s words “I was impressed by the quality of health care delivery in the health facilities in Kansas City as well as the warm reception we received. If given another opportunity, I’d like to visit again”. In addition to enjoying dinner with local families, this group also met with the UMKC school of pharmacy, Truman Medical, Save Inc, Mother and Child Health Coalition, Kansas City CARE clinic, and the Health Care Foundation of Greater KC (now Health Forward).

Since returning from his IVLP program, Dr. Akunne says that quality of care in his hospital has improved, and that he is focused on his “effort to ensure that I fulfill [his] obligations and create a positive impression in his patients, colleagues and other people he come across on a daily basis.” While Covid-19 cases in Africa remain low for the moment, we are hopeful that the level of collaboration taking place between scientists, doctors and epidemiologists across the continent will have a positive impact on the continent, and are grateful to know a number of the fine medical professionals on the front lines of these discussions.

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